Welcome to ROADMap Systems Ltd

ROADMap is a pioneering technology company based at St John’s Innovation Centre in Cambridge, UK. ROADMap was spun out of the University of Cambridge in 2014 in the field of optical telecommunication and data communication switching. The Company is developing unique and novel know-how in wavelength selective switches (WSSs). These switches are currently used to create reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs) which are now a fast growing part of the optical network where they enable the flexible future-proof optical switching at lower cost.

ROADMap Technology Platform

ROADMap is commercialising its offering of LCoS-based WSSs for telecoms and datacoms building on a disruptive platform that allows multiple switches to be integrated into a single module.  This module can be configured to simultaneously support both 1xN and NxN WSS functionality.  Our platform is based on unique and differentiating technology that is covered by a suite of worldwide patents granted and pending covering optical switch architecture, novel materials applications, crosstalk reduction techniques, passband engineering and hologram optimisation algorithms.

Telecom and Datacom

There is a burgeoning demand for bandwidth in the telecom network and huge growth in data centre demand both for storage and cloud computing capacity. As in the case of telecoms, the use of multiple wavelengths offers a way for Telecom and Datacom applications to overcome challenges related to data rate, fibre management, power requirements and network costs. Our WSS technology platform can be configured to support a low-power switch routing 1000×1000 data channels which greatly exceeds the port count of current commercial switches.