Data Centre Applications

Data centres are undergoing a rapid growth in both their storage and cloud computing capacity around 12.5% and 35% CAGR respectively.  A typical warehouse scale data centre can house between 50,000 and 100,000 servers connected via several tiers of high speed electronic switches and single wavelength transceivers.  A typical data centre architecture is shown in Figure 1.  There is increasing interest in adopting the same WDM technology used in the telecom industry for these fibre links.  As in the case of telecoms, the use of multiple wavelengths offers a way of overcoming challenges related to data rate, fibre management, network costs, and power requirements.  The WSS technology platform being developed by ROADMap Systems can be configured to support a low-power switch routing 1000×1000 data channels, greatly exceeding the port count of current commercially available data centre switches.

PW Final image

 Figure 1 – Data centre architecture schematic.




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