Universal Flexible Optical Switch

Our highly-integrated universal flexible optical switch is extremely flexible. This single component can be used in a range of powerful switching configurations.

In the simplest case, each WSS within the universal flexible optical switch can be used independently. A single module can support up to 24 individual 1×12 WSSs. They all share the same hardware, so the cost, size and power consumption of each WSS is reduced by an order of magnitude.

Multiple WSSs can be cascaded to a create an ultra-high port count WSS, up to 1×144, in a single module. This far exceeds the 1×20 port count of the current leading commercial WSSs, and enables new low-cost network architectures.

Individual WSSs can also be combined to produce an NxN WSS. Any wavelength channel from any input port can be sent to any output port. These have not previously been available as commercial products. Our universal flexible optical switch enables large port counts of up to 12×12. This allows network architectures to be simplified, providing higher efficiency at lower cost.